Welcome to TPS - Pigeon Administration Software

The TPS Pigeon Administration Software has been designed to extract data from all ETS clocks and is also able to add data from manual clocks to generate full accurate results.

The software can filter results and generate any race report a club requires. This software is unique as it is able to deal with all ETS models and therefore administrators don’t have to type in ETS data.

The software is very easy to use and uses the skills race administrators already has. Please look through the video tutorials to observe just how easy the software is to use. We hope it revolutionises the production of pigeon results and enables members to analyse their own data.

The software also enables clubs and federations to collate their results through their own dedicated Internet results page without having to have a person doing this job.

The results site collates the club results for the organisation. If your organisation has Internet Access when other clubs press publish result the website refreshes and collates all the results.
The software calculates club and federation averages, Ace pigeon Awards and if you have a specific competition the software can be tweaked for your organisation.

An individual fancier can log into their own area and access all their results each week and at the end of the season. This analysis is vital so that you can identify which are the top performing birds in your loft. This information is vital for any loft.