Individual Fancier

I have been a pigeon fancier since I was 9 years old and have won prizes at all levels of competition. In recent years, my family and I have been Race Secretaries for the MNFC. With my family now established in their careers, I have been able to start enjoying my racing again. We all know to reach the top you need to analyse your own performances. My passion with this software is that it meets all my needs as a pigeon fancier. Having designed the ideas, I have access to all my data at a click of a button. Each week after the results are uploaded I can analyse the performance of each individual bird and plan their development accordingly. It is vital you have this data. Why write it down when you can access the data from your machine? You will never lose the data even if your machine breaks down. You can access the information from any computer with Internet access even during your lunch hour!

My second aim was to develop a pedigree software which interacted with the results so that I can recall all performances when selecting the progeny to breed from. Producing pairs during the off season enables you to have all records all in one place. Simply a fantastic resource for any pigeon fancier. My intention is to make it the best software on the market.

Finally, every document you require as pigeon fancier, vaccination certificates, transfers, weather links and useful links you get free updates of the software. If I find anything else I require, it is added at no extra cost. We are always open to suggestions from fanciers then we will do our best to incorporate the ideas. This is a fantastic resource for pigeon fanciers.

Main Features
  1. Access all your results during the season and analyse your results at the end of the season. All results are archived each year for you.
  2. A full pedigree program so that you can manage your birds. Each pedigree can list the performances of individual birds.
  3. Print out and manage any aspect of your loft. YB lists, Vaccination Certificates.
  4. Your data will never be lost.
  5. The data is web based so you can access your loft details from any computer with Internet access, even at work in your lunch hour!!