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The Midlands National Flying Club

The Midlands National Flying Club and Unikon have helped pioneer this software so that it will help produce the results much more easy and faster. A fancier clocking 40 pigeons using ETS can take over an hour to input. This software can reduce that time down to 4 seconds! One click and the data is in the result. It is simply fantastic and the future of organising National races which require all clocked birds to be entered into a true result.

The MNFC will always print out hard copies and send the information through to their Race Secretary using normal procedures. Printing the hard copy is necessary to set the master timer settings in the data.

With wifi is becoming more common at clock stations or through hotspots this will mean that the data arrives shortly after the information has been printed out. The Race Secretary is notified of the arrival of data and then the final result can begin to be processed.

This saves time for the Race Secretary and helps to create a full accurate result for the national event. It is the MNFC policy to include every pigeon that fanciers clock so that analysis of results is accurate and no pool pigeons are missed. There is little point analysing databases with partial results.

If you would like to have this facility for your classic or national club please contact us and we will tailor the software to meet your individual requirements.

Data extraction will enable your club to be at the forefront of pigeon racing in the UK.

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